The One And All Wisdom Podcast

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Edges, Boundaries, Mystery

Glenda Taylor reflects on the questions we all ultimately come back to, touching poetically on wholeness, boundaries, mystery, and meaning.

The Baby, the Elderly Man, and the Vet

Glenda Taylor, in a discussion of three recent encounters, reflects on the current state of polarity, chaos, and violence in our country.

On Writing

Suggestions on writing from an award winning editor!

Reconciliation or Retaliation

Glenda Taylor reflects on current events in the light of wisdom teachings that may heal the damaging splits in our cultural life.

Renewal and Regeneration

Glenda Taylor reflects on the possibility of renewal in the aftermath of tornadoes, death, social change, including the wisdom of numerous poets and sages.

What Age Are You?

Considered from the vantage point of age, Glenda Taylor reflects on the values to be gained in different stages of life.

Resonance, Music, and Creation

Using a Hopi Creation Story, Glenda Taylor explores resonance and music as instruments of creation and harmony in ourselves and in our world.

Spirit Dog

A consideration of wildness, wolves, and a spirit dog, by Glenda Taylor