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How, Why, and What Now?

A Perspective on Critical Current Events, by Glenda Taylor

How, Why, and What Now

A perspective on critical current events in our culture, by Glenda Taylor

Backstories Concerning Archetypal Masculinity and Culture

In this fourth in a series of podcasts, Glenda Taylor considers impacts upon culture of various historical and archetypal definitions of masculinity, patriarchy, and other things.  

Today It’s She, Her, They, and All of Us!

By coincidence, this third in a series of podcasts by Glenda Taylor is published one day after a Supreme Court decision on Roe vs. Wade, making Glenda's insightful comments on the critical and changing notions of "archetypal femininity" and gender roles for men and women more important than ever.

An Interview With Jim Lemon on his 75th Birthday

Glenda Taylor interviews Jim Lemon on his 75th birthday about eldering, service, and finding meaning in difficult and vulnerable times

Considering Gender and More

In the second of this series of podcasts, Glenda Taylor looks through various lenses, contemporary and ancient, to continue her "meandering" journey, without judgment, around current critical issues in our society.

Expectations, Assumptions, Unknowing

Glenda Taylor ventures into some of the issues and complexities of our time, uncovering backstory that can broaden our awareness and add to our healing.

Changing Minds, Changing Hearts

Glenda Taylor reflects on her experiences throughout her long life in search of open-mindedness and the ability to convince others.

Descent and Return

Glenda Taylor considers the mythic dimensions of dilemmas personal and cultural.

My Voice Today

I stood on the porch this morning and recorded spontaneously with my phone what I was thinking and feeling, without prior consideration or any editing afterward.  It felt so right I send it along with love.  Glenda Taylor

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