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Attempting to Transcribe A Meditation Into Words

Glenda Taylor describes a meditation experience during recent winter storms, pandemic, political mayhem, and loved ones in crisis, attempting to evoke in words the peace she ultimately attained.

Early Morning Words

Glenda Taylor reflects on the power of certain words and phrases that just "come to mind.," particularly with reference to recent events in our world.

Coming to the Surface

Glenda Taylor reflects on the things coming to the surface in our culture today and ponders the underworld of our psyches with all its mystery, dangers, and beauty.

Second Podcast for Grandma Glenda’s Kids of All Ages

In this second of a series of podcasts for kids (of all ages) during this pandemic, Grandma Glenda Taylor tells the ancient story of Queen Berta of France as an example of what "superpowers" one can get during hard times.  Share this story as you choose!  And visit us on the website for other podcasts and much other information for adults and children.

A Podcast For Grandma Glenda’s Kids–Of All Ages

"Grandma Glenda" Taylor tells stories and talks with kids about how they can gain superpowers from this pandemic time.  In this podcast, she explores the legendary story of Parsifal's hero's journey and also the lessons Cinderella and her Handsome Prince have to learn.  Young and old will enjoy this down-to-earth visit with an elder storyteller.

Experience at a Prison

"Years ago, I went once a month to a maximum security prison for men..."  Thus begins this podcast in which Glenda Taylor draws lessons that apply to today's social and political challenges.


Glenda Taylor reflects on current and historical divisions that threaten our country's union, recalling an instructive backstory about the first man in history to define freedom in the ways that we understand it, a story that challenges us to carry this living history forward in our own time.

The Time is Now, The Urgency is Great

Departing from her usual tone on these podcasts, Glenda Taylor speaks out on something dear to her heart.

Justice, Honor, and Courage

Glenda Taylor shares a story from history that speaks to the issues of social justice today, focusing on the challenges of living up to our core values in the midst of conflict, even conflict within ourselves, over how to define right action.

A Life that Mattered for Social Justice

Glenda Taylor reflects on the way one important individual dealt with inequality and the ambiguity of the means to change it.

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