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Mother’s Day in a Pandemic

Glenda Taylor reflects on the meaning of mothering and of Mother Life in this time of global pandemic. 

Lightness of Heart for These Dark Times

Glenda Taylor explores the importance of sacred humor and crazy wisdom to enlarge our perspective during dark and dangerous times.

Seventy Four Years Ago

Glenda Taylor shares a story with a lovely connection to today's experience when springtime comes on in beauty despite whatever challenges face us.

Cinderella and Negative Inflation

Glenda Taylor reflects on the trap of inflated attitudes toward victimization and offers suggestions for healing and wholeness

The Holly Berries

Glenda Taylor reflects on the amazing beauty and generosity of the cycles of being taking place around us in every moment, there for us when we are listening and paying attention.

Edges, Boundaries, Mystery

Glenda Taylor reflects on the questions we all ultimately come back to, touching poetically on wholeness, boundaries, mystery, and meaning.

The Baby, the Elderly Man, and the Vet

Glenda Taylor, in a discussion of three recent encounters, reflects on the current state of polarity, chaos, and violence in our country.

On Writing

Suggestions on writing from an award winning editor!

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